We Put Donations to Work to Fight Prostate Cancer

Pints for Prostates appreciates your support and respects the need for transparency when it comes to financial reporting and accountability. You have the right to know how we use donated funds to fight prostate cancer. Donations allow us to actively pursue our mission of raising awareness among men about prostate cancer and the critical importance of early detection.

Pints for Prostates focuses on awareness and over the years about a third of the money we have raised has been spent in various ways to encourage guys to take charge of their health. We have also advocated for and supported free screening events for men, as well as helped fund support groups for men diagnosed with the disease and their families. We believe that men should take charge of their health and have the right to have regular health screenings and know important data, such as their prostate specific antigen (PSA) number, so they are able to have informed discussions with their physician.

Pints for Prostates received its 501(c)3 designation as a non-profit charity from the Internal Revenue Service on March 17, 2010*. Our fiscal year starts on March 1 each year. Here is a break down on our annual fundraising efforts:

Funds Raised

2010:   $108,973
2011:   $128,353
2012:   $196,384
2013:   $270,816
2014:   $241,252
2015:   $240,217
2016:   $224,872
2017:   $204,440

Total raised during eight years of operation (2010-2017): $1,615,307*

How We Use the Funds
Tax deductible donations Pints for Prostates made during our seven years of operation have been put to work in a highly efficient manner with only 13.1% spent on administrative, operations and fundraising expenses:

Awareness Activities (travel, printing, shipping): $643,734 (39.85%)
Grants to Prostate Cancer Organizations:    $559,386 (34.63%)**
Fundraising Expenses (raffle/silent auctions):  $176,475 (10.93%)
Administrative Expenses:    $16,125 (0.99%)
Office Supplies/Equipment:   $7,943 (0.49%)
Legal/Accounting:    $11,232 (0.69%)
Retained Assets:    $200,412 (12.41%)

You can review the complete Pints for Prostates filings with the IRS through these links.

Pints for Prostates reaches men through the universal language of beer with an important health message about the need for regular prostate health screenings and PSA testing. All Pints for Prostates activities focus on assisting men and their families in understanding the critical importance of early detection in fighting prostate cancer. Pints for Prostates collaborates with organizations that work with men on awareness, offer support following treatment, or conduct research aimed at improving care or finding a cure for prostate cancer.

The funds we raise come primarily from individual donations made at beer festivals and at pub night events, along with donations from breweries, restaurants and other companies that support our mission. We are a small organization and count on a team of volunteers to accomplish the task of hosting awareness events across the country. None of our officers or Board members have ever received a salary from the organization. Since our inception, Pints for Prostates has hosted hundreds awareness events from Seattle, Wash., to Portsmouth, N.H., and St. Paul, Minn., to Sarasota, Fla.

(* Prior to formally being incorporated and applying for our 501(c)3 designation, Pints for Prostates operated for 18 months as a fund raising campaign of the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network. During that time all funds donated at Pints for Prostates events were sent directly to Us TOO International and reported as part of their IRS filings. In 2008, we raised a net total $13,279. In 2009, the campaign raised a net total of $44,925 for Us TOO International.)

(** Pints for Prostates actively supports the efforts of the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network (www.ustoo.org), which provides information to newly diagnosed men and hosts support groups for men fighting the disease and their families, and the Prostate Conditions Education Council (www.prostateconditions.org), which organizes free men’s health screening clinics across the country. Both organizations are registered 501(c)3 charities.