A Tradition of Great Breweries and Amazing Beers

Since its inception in 2009, the Denver Rare Beer Tasting has attracted some of America’s most respected craft breweries who generously serve their most exotic beers.  A total of 144 breweries have poured at the event during the first nine years. Only eight breweries have been at all nine Denver Rare Beer Tastings and another 17 breweries have poured at least five times, while 63 have made a single appearance at the event.

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Beers featured at the Denver Rare Beer Tasting are some the world’s hardest to find and most sought after. They are served by the men and women who make them, clearly among the most talented members of the craft beer community. Brewers donate these amazing beers to support the Pints for Prostates campaign, which champions men’s health and fights prostate cancer. The Denver Rare Beer Tasting X will be held on Sept. 21, 2018, during the same weekend as the Great American Beer Festival. Tickets for this celebration of beer passion and craftsmanship go on sale on Father’s Day.

Here is a look back at the breweries and the beers from the first nine years.

Abbey Brewing, Abiquiu, N.M.: VII: Abbey Tripel Reserve.

Adelbert’s Brewing, Austin, Texas: VIII: Scratchin' Hippo Barrel 106.

Against the Grain Brewery, Louisville, Kentucky: IX: Olive You From My Head Tomatoes.

Alaskan Brewing, Juneau, Alaska: I: Alaskan Smoked Porter 1999 & 2008; II: Alaskan 2009 Barrel-Aged Smoked Porter; III: Alaskan 2009 Cherry Vanilla Baltic Porter; IV: Alaskan Perseverance Ale; V: Alaskan 2002 Smoked Porter; VI: Alaskan Eisbock; VII: 25th Anniversary Perseverance Ale; VIII: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Smoked Porter; IX: Sea Smoke Aged in Laphroaig Scotch Barrel.

The Alchemist, Waterbury, Vt.: IX: Skadoosh & Focal Banger.

AleSmith Brewing, San Diego, Calif.: V: AleSMith Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy; VI: 2012 Barrel Aged Grand Cru; VIII: Port Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy; IX: Rye Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout.

Allagash Brewing, Portland, Maine: I: Allagash Fluxus 2009; IV: Allagash Avancé; VI: Neddles; VIII: Coolship Resurgam.

Anheuser-Busch, Fort Collins, Colo.: I: Mich Brett.

Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colo.: I: Avery Voltron; II: Avery Quinquepartite; III: Avery Dihos Dactylion; IV: Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout, Avery Oud Floris and Avery Odio Equum; V: Avery Volunt Plus Erat & Momi Hiwa; VI: Thensaurum; VII: Avery Vallum; VIII: Scarlata Cucumis and L’Eighyore; IX: Black Eye.

Bayou Teche Brewing, Arnaudville, La.: VIII: Legacies Lager.

Bear Republic Brewing, Healdsburg, Calif.: IV: Bear Republic Barrel 32; VII: Barrel 178.

Bell’s Brewing, Kalamazoo, Mich.: II: Bell’s 2004 Eccentric Ale; VII: Bell’s Tawny Port Baltic Porter; VIII: Le Bretteur and Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout; IX: Traverse City Whiskey Dagger Stout.

Big Sky Brewing, Missoula, Mont.: II: 2009 Big Sky Barrel-Aged Ivan The Terrible; III: Big Sky 2006 Buckin’ Monk; IV: 2011 Big Sky Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout; V: 2012 Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout; VI: 2012 Barrel Aged Biere de Noel; VII: 2012 Oak Aged Cherry Biere de Noel; VIII: 2015 Barrel Aged Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout; IX: Barrel-Aged Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout.

Bison Brewing, Berkeley, Calif.: I: Bison Reunion '09 -- A Beer for Hope Double White Ale.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, Denver, Colo.: IX: Roswell & Good Bugs.

Boggy Draw Brewery, Sheridan, Colo.: VIII: Gangsta of Love and Bourbon Cowboy.

Boston Beer, Boston, Mass.: I: Samuel Adams Utopias 2009; II: Samuel Adams Kosmic Mother Funk; III: Samuel Adams 2011 Utopias; IV: Samuel Adams Utopias 10th Anniversary Edition; V: Samuel Adams Utopias; VI: Samuel Adams KMF Grand Cru; VII: Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru & Utopias; VIII: Samuel Adams 2010 Wee Heavy and Utopias Barrel-Aged with Cherries; IX: 2017 Utopias & Kosmic Mother Funk.

Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, Mo.: III: Boulevard Lovechild #1; V: Boulevard Tripel Julep; VII: Love Child No. 5 & 2013 Bourbon Barrel Quad.

Breakside Brewery, Portland, Ore.: VII: Brandy-Barrel Rye Wine & Birra Minestra.

Breckenridge Brewery, Breckenridge, Colo.: VI: 2014 Barleywine Batch #1.

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y.: I: Brooklyn Wild 1; II: Brooklyn Reinschweinsgebot; III: Brooklyn Cuvee de la Crochet Rouge; V: Brooklyn Black Ops LBV 2007 & Brooklyn Cuvee Crochet Rouge Riesling; VII: Brooklyn Hand & Seal, Cognac Edition; VIII: Lamorak; IX: Pendragon.

The Bruery, Placentia, Calif.: II: The Bruery Mélange #3; III: The Bruery The Wanderer; V: The Bruery Confession; VI: Befuddlement; VII: Bruery Terreux Bourgogne Blanc; IX: Hoarders Cuvée 2017.

Call to Arms Brewery, Denver, Colo.: VIII: Shirtless Putin Nuzzling With Dolphins and Frightened Baby Chipmunk.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House, Portland, Ore.: II: Cascade Noyeaux Sour Ale; III: Cascade Borbonic Plague; VI: 2011 Tangerine Dream NW & 2013 Cerise Nouveau; VII: Pumpkin Smash & White Raspberry; VIII: Crazy Navel and Kentucky Peach; IX: Pêché Fumé.

Casey Brewing & Blending, Glenwood Springs, Colo.: VII: Casey Family Preserve: Montmorency Cherry; VIII: Casey Family Preserve: Attika Cherry.

Central Waters Brewing, Amherst, Wisc.: VII: Black Gold; VIII: 2015 Black Gold.

Cerebral Brewing, Denver, Colo.: IX: Trophy Hunt & Nectarine Drupaceous.

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, Fla.: II: Cigar City White Oak-Aged Jai Alai India Pale Ale; III: Cigar City Neilsbohrium Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Raisin Sweet Stout; V: ll0k + OT Batch #6; VIII: Double Barrel Aged Hunahpu's Imperial Stout.

Coronado Brewing, Coronado, Calif.: VIII: 2014 Brandy Barrel-Aged Punk’in Drublic; IX: 2013 Barrel-Aged Old Scallywag.

Crank Arm Brewery, Raleigh, N.C.: IX: Roue Trois Rouge.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer, Denver, Colo.: V: WælzBlood; VII: Nightmare on Brett Port Barrel Aged, Nightcap & L'Brett d'Cherry.

Crux Fermentation Project, Bend, Ore.: VII: (Banished) Tough Love I Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout; IX: [Banished] PCT Porter.

Deschutes Brewing, Bend, Ore.: I: Deschutes Double Black Butte Porter XX; II: Deschutes Double Black Butte Porter XXII; V: Deschutes Black Butte XXII; VII: Collage (Conflux No. 1); VIII: Black Butte XXII and Black Butte XXI.

Destihl Brewery, Normal, Ill.: IX: Highway to the Danger Saizone.

Devils Backbone Brewing, Lexington, Va., V: Wood-Aged Dark Abbey.

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Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Del.: I: Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra 2006; II: Dogfish Head Namaste; III: Dogfish Head 2004 Olde School; IV: Dogfish Head 2007 Raison D’Extra; V: 2011 120 Minute IPA; VI: Bourbon Barrel Aged WWS & Wood Aged Noble Rot; VII: Barrel Aged Palo Santo & Festina Lente.

Drake’s Brewing, San Leandro, Calif.: V: Drake’s Reunion Barleywine.

Dry Dock Brewing, Aurora, Colo.: IX: Bligh’s Barleywine (3 year vertical 2014, 2015, 2016).

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Farmville, N.C.: III: The Duck-Rabbit The End of Reason.

Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, Ore.: VI: Orange Giant Barleywine; VIII: Rye Barrel-Aged UltraViolet Blackberry Sour Ale; IX: 2016 Barrel-Aged Rastaban Oud Bruin.

Elevation Beer, Poncha Springs, Colo.: IV: Elevation Prostator Smoked Doppelbock; V: Boom! Brandy Barrel Quadruple; VI: Elitist; VII: Mango Tango; VIII: Elevated PSA Wheat Wine.

Elysian Brewing, Seattle, Wash.: IV: Elysian Maelstrom Blood Orange Ale; VI: The Gourdfather Pumpkin Barleywine.

Empire Brewing, Cazenovia, N.Y.: VIII: Deep Purple.

Epic Brewing, Salt Lake City, Utah: IV: Epic Imperial Red One Off Cask; VII: Old Sage Brett & 2011Brainless on Cherries.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Santa Barbara, Calif.: VI: The Grendel.

Firestone Walker Brewing, Paso Robles, Calif.: III: Firestone Walker Agrestic Ale; IV: Firestone Walker Lil Opal; V: Bravo & Lil’ Mikkel; VI: Helldorado & Tequila Merkin; VII: XVIII Anniversary and 2014 Sucaba; IX: Parabajava.

Fonta Flora Brewery, Morganton, N.C.: VIII: Razzmatazz: Remix.

Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem, N.C.: I: Foothills 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Aged Total Eclipse Stout; II: Foothills 2009 Sexual Chocolate; III: Foothills Brewing 2009 Sexual Chocolate; VII: Foothills Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate; VIII: Dead & Berried Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackberry Imperial Stout.

Forager Brewing, Rochester, Minn.: IX: Magnus.

Fort Collins Brewery, Fort Collins, Colo.: V: Roasted Pumpkin Seed Ale; VIII: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Peach Wheat Wine.

Founders Brewing, Grand Rapids, Mich.: II: Founders Nemesis 2010; IV: Founders 15th Anniversary Bolt Cutter Barley Wine.

Fremont Brewing, Seattle, Wash.: VI: Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop; VIII: Rusty Nail and The Lamb; IX: Barrel-Aged Unicorn Tears, Black Heron Project: Barrel-Aged Brett Saison & Good Bugs.

Full Sail Brewing, Hood River, Ore.: III: Full Sail 1998 Old Boardhead Barleywine; IV: Full Sail 2010 Top Sail Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter; VI: 2007 Old Boardhead Barleywine; IX: 2008 Bourbon Imperial Porter & 2010 Old Boardhead Barleywine.

Fullsteam Brewery, Durham, N.C.: VI: Tree-to-Sea Gose; IX: Flanders-style Gold.

Funky Buddha Brewing, Oakland Park, Fla.: VII: Barrel Aged Snowed In; VIII: Barrel Aged Chocwork Orange; IX: Mexican Coffee Tequila Barrel-Aged Stout.

Gigantic Brewing, Portland, Ore.: VIII: Finga Lickn’ Good.

AC Golden Brewing, Golden, Colo.: V: Blueberry Colorambic; VI: 2012 Ctyat, Dark Kriek &  2014 Imperial Stout.

Goose Island Beer, Chicago, Ill.: II: Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout; V: Napa County Stout; VII: 2014 Proprietor’s Bourbon County Brand Stout.

Grand Teton Brewery, Victor, Idaho: VI: Huckleberry Sour; VII: American Sour; IX: 2015 American Sour.

Great Basin Brewing, Sparks, Nev.: IX: 385 Scytale Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.

Great Divide Brewing, Denver, Colo.: I: Great Divide Old Ruffian Barley Wine 2008; II: Great Divide Flanders Red; III: Great Divide 2008 Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout; IV: Great Divide Brett, Meet Colette Farmhouse Ale; V: Great Divide Barrel-Aged Cuvee Syrah #1; VI: Red Sophia; VII: A Sour Patch Divided; VIII: Laws Whiskey Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout; IX: Sour Hibernation Aged in Red Wine Barrels & Good Bugs.

Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland, Ohio: V: Jabberwocky.

Green Flash Brewing, San Diego, Calif.: VI: Little Freak.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, Loveland, Colo.: VI: The Wooden Path; VII: Once Upon A Time & The Count Whiskey Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout; IX: Once Upon a Time.

Hardywood Park Brewery, Richmond, Va.: V: Gingerbread Stout; IX: Kentucky Christmas Morning & Mamaw's Mean Cobbler.

Harpoon Brewery, Boston, Mass.: I: Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Glacier Harvest ’09 Wet Hop Ale; VI: Oatmeal Pale Ale & 2011 Chocolate Stout on Brett.

Haw River Farmhouse Ales, Saxapahaw, N.C.: VIII: Saxy Machismo, Darius the Giant and Brah'klava; IX: Sazerac (High Country Cocktail Series No. 2), Bodhi Loves Chachi & Saxy Machismo Special Reserve.

Highland Brewing, Asheville, N.C.: I: Highland Big Butte Smoked Porter; III: Highland PSA Pilsner.

Hogshead Brewery, Denver, Colo.: VI: Divine Right Russian Imperial Stout.

Holy City Brewing, Charleston, S.C.: VI: 2012 Barrel-Aged New Year’s Resolution Doppelbock; VIII: Schmetterling.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewing, Akron, Ohio: VII: Barrel-Aged B.O.R.I.S. VAN WINK Imperial Stout & Barrel-Aged Silk Porter; VIII: 2011 B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout & 2012 Natasha Rocks America Chocolate-Rye Imperial Stout.

Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project, Denver, Colo.: IX: Barrel-Aged Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout.

Joseph James Brewing, Henderson, Nev.: VIII: Sour Split.

Jester King Craft Brewery, Austin, Texas: IV: Jester King Gotlandsdricka; VI: Snörkel; VIII: Omniscience & Proselytism; IX: Montmorency vs. Balaton & Bière de Coupage.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, Ann Arbor, Mich.: I: Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars Grand Reserve 2006 & 2007; II: Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Goord; III: Jolly Pumpkin Lúpulo de Hielo; VI: Lupulo de Hielo; VII: Ursae Majoris; IX: Track 13.

Joyride Brewing, Edgewater, Colo.: IX: Tour Time Barleywine & Bourbon Barrel Aged Tour Time Barleywine.

Kane Brewing, Ocean, N.J.: IX: 2015 A Night to End All Dawns.

Lakewood Brewing, Garland, Texas: IX: Cuvée de Vélo.

Laughing Dog Brewing, Ponderay, Idaho: III: Laughing Dog St. Benny’s Labby Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ale; IV: Laughing Dog 2009 Barrel Aged Dogfather Imperial Stout; V: 14 Dogs of the Apocalypse; VI: 2008 Dogfather Imperial Stout; VII: Tenth Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Ale.

Laughing Sun Brewing, Bismarck, N.D.: VI: 19th Amendment Stout.

Laurelwood Brewing, Portland, Ore.: IV: Laurelwood Cardinal Sin.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Warren, Vt.: VIII: Maple Tripple Ale & Sip of Sunshine IPA.

Left Hand Brewery, Longmont, Colo.: III: Left Hand Brewery 2009 Fade to Black Vol. 1; IV: Left Hand 2009 Oak Aged Imperial Stout.

Libertine Brewing, San Luis Obispo, Calif.: IX: 2017 Good Vibrations.

The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, Calif.: I: Lost Abbey The Angel's Share 2009 Brandy Barrel Finish; III: Lost Abbey/Port Brewery Deliverance; IV: The Lost Abbey Track # 8; V: 2008 The Lost Abbey's Angel's Share; VI: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Serpent's Stout; VII: Cable Car; VIII: Duck Duck Gooze; IX: 24 Steps.

The Lost Borough, Rochester, N.Y.: IX: 2016 Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Matt Brewing, Utica, N.Y.: I: Saranac Imperial IPA; VII: Saranac Javanac & Saranac Imperial Barrel-Aged Rye Porter; IX: Saranac Utica After Dark.

Maui Brewing, Lahaina, Hawaii: VI: A'a Imperial Golden Ale; IX: Skull Island Stout.

Melvin Brewing/Thai Me Up Restaurant, Jackson, Wy.: V: Kirk McHale & Melvin IPA Rum Barrel-Aged.

Mikkeller Brewing SD, San Diego, Calif.: IX: Nurple.

MKE Brewing, Milwaukee, Wisc.: VIII: Gin Barrel Aged O-Gii.

Nebraska Brewing, Papillion, Neb.: III: Nebraska Inception Series #1 Toasted Barn; VI: Attack of the 50 Foot Brunette; VIII: Sallyweiss.

New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Colo.: I: New Belgium Trip II; II: New Belgium Tart Lychee; III: New Belgium Eric’s Ale; IV: New Belgium Biere de Mars and Back; V: New Belgium/Avery Sour Collaboration #1 & #2; VI: Oscar Kissed Cherry; VII: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Blackberry Barley Wine Ale; VIII: Err on the Side of Awesome; IX: Straight from The Source; IX: Dragon's Milk: Michigan Winter.

New Glarus Brewing, New Glarus, Wisc.: I: New Glarus Golden Ale.

New Holland Brewing, Holland, Mich.: III: New Holland Rum Barrel-Aged Pilgrim’s Dole Wheatwine; V: Chocolate Dragon’s Milk; VII: 2013 Incorrigible White Sour; IX: Dragon’s Milk: Michigan Winter.

NoDa Brewing, Charlotte, N.C.: V: Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Coco Loco & Hot Pistol; VI: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Olde Voyager & Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Monstro; VII: 2014 Bourbon Barrel and Vanilla Bean Aged Olde Voyager & Between the Berries and Me; VIII: Stop Collaborate and Glisten & Rum Barrel Aged Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean Monstro Imperial Stout; IX: 2017 Coffee Blend Monstro.

NXNW Restaurant & Brewery, Austin, Texas: VI: Funk Jack; VII: Genesis 2015; VIII: Tilted Tickets.

Odell Brewing, Fort Collins, Colo.: I: Odell Crimson Shenanigans; III: Odell Rare Blend; IV: Odell Deconstruction and Odell Funky Wooden Myrcenary; V: Foot Print; VII: Ignorance is Bliss.

Odyssey Beerwerks, Arvada, Colo.: VIII: Quadratic Reality.

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Charlotte, N.C.: V: Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter; VI: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Anniversary Alt.

Oskar Blues Brewing, Lyons, Colo.: I: Oskar Blues Wet & Whiskeyed Gordon; VI: The White Buffalo West Coast IPA.

Ozark Beer Co., Rogers, Arkansas: IX: Onyx 2017 Bourbon Double Cream Stout.

Pappy Slokum Brewing, Abilene, Texas: IX: Brewmaster's Barrel Series #1.

Perennial Artisan Ales, St. Louis, Mo.: IV: Perennial Barrel Aged Fantastic Voyage; V: Barrel Quad; VI: Barrel-Aged Sump; VII: ProCATstination; IX: Barrel-Aged 17.

Perry Street Brewing, Spokane, Wash.: IX: 2015 Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Tripel.

Pike Brewing, Seattle, Wash.: II: Pike Tripel Kriek.

Portland Brewing, Portland, Ore.: VIII: Gin Barrel-Aged Spine Tingler.

Portsmouth Brewing, Portsmouth, N.H.: IV: Portsmouth Kate the Great.

Prairie Artisan Ales, Krebs, Okl.: V: Prairie Bomb De Balcones; VI: Return of the Legend (Balcones Barrel); VIII: Sherry Bomb!.

Prison City Pub & Brewery, Auburn, N.Y.: IX: Barrel-Aged Wham Whams.

Rhinegeist Brewery, Cincinnati, Ohio: IX: Double Oaked Mastodon & Pilon.

DRBT 9 River North.jpg

River North Brewing, Denver, Colo.: V: J. Marie Barreled and Bretted; VI: River North Oud Bruin; VII: Anniversary Ale #3; VIII: Funk the Man #1 & Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman; IX: Vicennial: Shadowman & Cherrywood Quad.

Rogue Ales, Newport, Ore.: I: Rogue Ales John John Hazelnut; II: Rogue 21 Ale; III:  Rogue Charlie 1981; IV: Chatoe Rogue Wet Hop Ale; V: Class of ’88 Barley Wine; VI: Rogue Oregon Oak Whiskey Barrel-Aged Doppelsticke; VII: Cold Brew IPA; VIII: Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout; IX: Straight Outta Newport.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Santa Fe, N.M.: IX: Cabernet Barrel-Aged Frambozen.

Russian River Brewing, Santa Rosa, Calif.: II: Russian River Temptation; VIII: Intinction.

Saint Arnold Brewing, Houston, Texas: VIII: Bishop’s Barrel 13.

Schooner Exact Brewing, Seattle, Wash.: VII: Twig and Berry.

Scratch Brewing, Ava, Ill.: IX: Filé Saison.

Short's Brewing, Bellaire, Mich.: IV: Short's Aww Jeah to the Face.

Side Project Cellar, Maplewood, Mo.: IX: Derivation Blend #7.

Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, Calif.: I: Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Scotch Ale; II: Sierra Nevada Brandy Barrel-Aged Belgian Trippel; III: Sierra Nevada Brewing 30th Anniversary Rum Barrel-Aged Fritz and Ken’s Stout; IV: Sierra Nevada Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Smoked Porter; V: Barrel-Aged Narwhal; VI: Barrel-Aged Breakfast at Chico’s; VII: Barrel-Aged Rain Check Spiced Stout; VIII: Barrel-Aged Wheatwine with Lemon; IX: Trip in the Woods Chateau Otra Vez.

Smuttynose Brewing, Portsmouth, N.H.: V: Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.

Spangalang Brewery, Denver, Colo.: VII: Ornette; IX: Conjunction Junction.

Stone Brewing, Escondido, Calif.: I: Stone 2008 Old Guardian Barley Wine Aged in Red Wine Barrels; II: Stone Imperial Russian Stout GK’s Mad Man Mix; III: Stone 2010 Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Russian Stout; IV: Stone Suitable for Cave Aging Imperial Smoked Porter Tribute to Danny Williams; V: 2007 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Russian Stout & 2004 Old Guardian Barley Wine; VI: 2005 Double Bastard; VII: The Tiger Cub Saison & Xocoveca Charred; VIII: The Tiger Cub Saison Aged in White Wine Barrels & 2013 Oak Aged Smoked Old Guardian Barley Wine; IX: Xocoveza Extra Anejo.

Stoudt’s Brewing, Adamstown, Pa.:  I: Stoudt Old Abominable Barleywine 2007; IV: Stoudt’s 5025.

Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, Ind.: V: Hot Rod Lincoln; VII: Barrel-Aged Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil; IX: Jimmy Jam.

Surly Brewing, Minneapolis, Minn.: IV: Surly SŸX; V: Misanthrope; VIII: Rye Whiskey Pentagram & Misanthrope.

Terrapin Beer, Athens, Ga.: V: Barrel-Aged Moo-Hoo Chocolate Stout.

Thirsty Dog Brewing, Akron, Ohio: III: Thirsty Dog Bourbon Barrel-Aged 12 Dogs of Christmas; VI: Cerasus Dog Flanders Style Sour with Michigan Cherries.

Three Floyds Brewing, Munster, Ind.: II: Three Floyds Dark Lord; IX: Battle of Charro II.

Tröegs Brewing, Hershey, Pa,.: IV: Tröegs Splinter Black; VI: LaGrave & Jovial.

Two Roads Brewing, Strafford, Conn.: VIII: 2015 Kriek.

Uinta Brewing, Salt Lake City, Utah: IV: Uinta Oak Jacked; IX: Cahoots Port Barrel-Aged Flanders-Style Red Ale.

Union Craft Brewery, Baltimore, Md.: VI: Barrel-Aged Chessie the Barleywine & 2012 Snow Pants Oatmeal Stout; VII: Barrel Aged Balt the More & Barrel Aged Old Pro with Peaches.

Unknown Brewing, Charlotte, N.C.: IX: Awkward in Indonesia & 2016 Dirty Commie Heathen.

Upstream Brewing, Omaha, Neb.: II: Upstream Farmhouse Surprise.

Verboten Brewing, Loveland, Colo.: VII: Mountain Man & Verboppin' Frogoten; IX: Little Nonsense: Double Cask.

WeldWerks Brewing, Greeley, Colo.: VIII: Coconut Medianoche and Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic; IX: Peach Climacteric & Medianoche Reserve.

Weyerbacher Brewing, Easton, Pa.: II: Weyerbacher 2005 Decadence; III: Weyerbacher Idiot’s Drool; V: Millennium Falco; VI: Pariah; VIII: Brunicorn III: Blackberry.

Wicked Weed Brewing, Asheville, N.C.: V: Wicked Weed Black Angel Cherry Sour; VI: Genesis; VII: Dark Arts: Tequila Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Brett and Espresso & Montmarretto: Barrel-Aged Sour with Montmorency Cherries and Almonds.

Wiley Roots Brewing, Greeley, Colo.: IX: Montmorency Dreams, Apricot Boxes, Cinna(man)Bun & Packed with Peaches.

Wormtown Brewing, Worcester, Mass.: VI: Tart Project Flanders Red; VII: Tart Project: Saison.

Wynkoop Brewing, Denver, Colo.: I: Wynkoop Barrel Aged Berserker Mead; II: Wynkoop Orville.33; III: Wynkoop Metacool Maltuwanna Imperial Amber Ale; IV: Wynkoop Brewjolais Nouveau.

Yazoo Brewing, Nashville, Tenn.: VII: 2014 Chianti Brett Saison With Sangiovese Grapes & Deux Rouges Grand Cru (Batch Two); VIII: Funk Fest '16 and Deux Rouges Cassis; IX: Vérifiez vos Fruits!